Did you know you can buy used stock cars (as in NASCAR stock cars) in the United States for dirt, dirt cheap? I'm talking about a rolling chassis from 2006 for $12,000. Build a cheap engine and an oval (those are really cheap to engineer) and you can pretend to be Tony Stewart for the price of a special-edition Vespa. Or, if you want to play Danica Patrick, just drop concrete blocks on the roof.

Drop your search into the 90s or 80s and you can own a legit, running/driving/screaming/rubbing stock car for about $10k. That is way too much fun and performance for so little money.

That got me thinking, can you get cheap rally cars in Europe?

You can. Ohhhh boy can you ever. I spent way too long searching through

RallyCarsForSale.net and made a little post about it on TheSmokingTire.com.

So, forget about import taxes and all that boring stuff that accountants and customs officials love, and join me in fantasy land, where you can buy a used WRC car. Or an E30 rally car (It just moved, didn't it?). Hope you didn't want to get anything done today. The post is here.


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